Sunday, September 17, 2006

Rudyard, I never knew ye Look, something I really don't understand is how come we are allowed to have a nuclear weapons program but nobody else is. Is it because we are somehow morally superior to the rest of the world, and so because we think we are blessed by Jesus it's okay for us to have the capability of incinerating small, poor countries, and they can't do it back? Even David was allowed a slingshot, people.
Now as it stands, we have bombed the CRAP out of Afghanistan and didn't even find Osama (taking care to leave the poppies, perchance?); we have crapped all over Iraq and our lame-ass attempts at "peacekeeping" mean super crazy unrest and a thousand of just our soldiers dead, not to mention that really embarrassing incidence of our torturing prisoners; and my cursory glance at today's Google news headlines tells me that at the same time that all talk of foreign policy RE: Iran and North Korea (the other axes in the Evil Triangle!) is being avoided by Rudyard Kipling G.W. Bush, we want to toughen our stance on Iran's nuclear programs.
Um, what? Seriously, what the hell? Listen so I'm not unpatriotic and I was pissed off too when the towers fell, but WHAT THE HELL? Are we out of our freaking MINDS?
And what is the deal with wanting to go into Sudan? Coincidence that they've got a bunch of oil? I think not. This is like, really awful and embarrassing, our foreign politics and how blatantly jerkface it is.
Sorry, this is why I don't write about politics, because I am not a pundit and I am not particularly articulate about things. I just feel bad that we are stomping around like Veruca Salt. I find it shameful and perhaps we should go back to what we do best, which is being the land of the free and home of the brave, taking in the tired and poor. There is nothing brave about picking on someone smaller than you, nothing brave about bombing the hell out of the tired and poor of other nations.
Come on, America. Let's get it together already.
I went to San Diego this weekend with mi novio, we just walked around the downtown and drank banana-flavored Hefeweizen and peeked in some shops. On Friday, we went to the L.A. Greek Fest at Saint Sophia's on Normandie. I saw the mayor (of Los Angeles) at the Greek thing and took a bunch of pictures, some of which came out okay.
I got a skirt this weekend, it's officially the shortest one I own as it goes about an inch above the knee. Amish, I know. I saw a woman in her 40s wearing a really short skirt today on campus and wonder if maybe I should hop on that bandwagon now, before the skin around my knees starts to sag. Something to think about when I'm not wondering if we're going to blow up the world.


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